Know Your Water

What is TDS?
August 6, 2017

Know Your Water

We all eat in restaurants, get our vehicles washed, use laundries, see doctors in medical clinics or hospitals, attend or have children in schools, and patronize health and beauty spas and salons. Most of these facilities need water treatment.

While dealing with water management, one often finds that the source and the point of application are miles apart. Therefore, transporting water from one location to another plays a critical role in any industry. Water in its various forms (like raw water, treated water, sea water, wastewater, polluted water and sludge), along with various chemicals (like acid, alkali, lime, alum, polyelectrolyte, chlorine solution and salt solution) needs to be handled carefully while transportation.

Rapid industrialization, unplanned resource utilization and poor environment management have affected environmental resources resulting in deterioration of the quality of water. With the ever increasing TDS content in raw water and treated effluent, Reverse Osmosis (RO) has been emerged as most economical technology not only for the desalination of water containing salts, but also for eliminating heavy metals, pesticides etc.

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